$SOLO 10 call
$NVTA 55 call
$NNDM 20 call
$SDC 13 call
NNDM 17.50 call
$WYNN 130 call
$LAZR 22.5 put Thank you lightning strikes again @fuzzballl
$TQQQ 65 put Thank you @jsd501
$OXY 20 put
$ARK 120.96 put Thank you @ramie77
$TQQQ 60 put Thank you @jsd501
$NEO 50 put
$LABU 95 put Thanks @fuzzballl
$WATT 3.50 put
$LGVW/BFLY 20 put
$MRVL 51 Put

$SWI 17.50 put
#Called away
$NVTA 50 calls

And finally my terribly mismanaged spread trades.
All expired at total loss.
$FB 285/310 BUCS
$BA 240/300 BUCS
$MRVL 52/60 BUCS

Have a nice weekend

And @jeffcp66 thanks for all you do – and you do it all! Plus podcasts – Whew