Expirations for 2/19

$BIIB 255/245 bull put spread
$GME 90/100 bear call spread
$GME 135/155 bear call spread
$GME 135/125 bull put spread–full loss but offset by other premium sales around it
$LABU 98 put
$MOMO 2/19 15/15/16 jade lizard
$UVXY 10.50/15.50 bear call spread
$UVXY 11/16 bear call spread
$UVXY 12/17 bear call spread
$UVXY 13/18 bear call spread
$UVXY 15/20 bear call spread
$ADBE 470/460 bull put spread
$EWZ 31/41 short strangle

$FTI 11 puts–there was a spinoff here and the new symbol FTI1 I think is 83% of the original, couldn’t follow it but either way I’m in the money and liquidity on the new symbol was pretty much non-existent so I will take assignment here at whatever the number is, somewhere around 9ish or so and I’ll immediately sell the shares Monday morning, take the loss and move on. The stock will no longer be listed on the Nasdaq it looks like so I have no interest in trying to work basis down on it.

Have a great weekend everyone.