#ironcondor AMZN #shortputspread NVDA AMZN…

#ironcondor AMZN #shortputspread NVDA

AMZN Following Mike at TastyTrade, sold April 18, 1480/1500/1800/1810 for 4.83
NVDA Trading Fuzzball’s fav-sold March 15, 140/145 for .57 (not selling naked 140 puts until I’m out of assigned positions in AAPL and WYNN).

Expiration / Closed Early BA BUPS and GS BECS / TSLA BECS / NFLX Sell Calls

$NFLX 355 Short call (Covered)
$DATA 115/145 Strangle Earnings trade STO at 2.56. Thank you @jeffcp66 for the data on $DATA.

Closed Early
$BA BTC 2/15 372.50/377.50 BUPS at .20. STO at 1.38 on 1/31 after earnings. Thesis the airplane company would stay up.
$GS BTC 2/15 205/215 BECS at .05. STO at 1.75 on 1/22

$TSLA STO 3/15/2019 335/325 BECS at 3.00 Bridget at OMM
$NFLX STO 2/15 350 calls at $6.00

#earnings #shortputspread AMZN Sold March…

#earnings #shortputspread AMZN

Sold March 15, 1490/1500 put spread for 1.41

#shortputspread AAPL November 2, sold…

#shortputspread AAPL

November 2, sold a Dec. 21, 180/190 put spread for 1.27. I sold the long put today for 13.35, giving me a cost basis of 175.39 after assignment next week. Right now there is decent call volume over the next month and unless AAPL keeps going down , I may be out by earnings at the end of January.

#shortputspread SPX sell Nov 21…

SPX sell Nov 21 2640/2630 put spread for 0.20cr. Only 1:15 remaining and price today never below 2650.

#shortputspread SPXW STO Nov 21…

STO Nov 21 2645/2605 for $11.50,BTC $9.50, 15 minute trade – reversion to mean

#shortputspread #rolling WYNN woes Beside…

#shortputspread #rolling WYNN woes
Besides being assigned shares at an outrageous basis, I have a Dec. 21 110/120 put spread that was meant to help me out, has been rolled up and out. Ex-div day is next week, don’t want any more underwater shares, so just in case I rolled to January and paid a debit of .50 for the privilege. Expanding the spread by 5 points would bring in about 2.50.
A short 110 call expires in a few minutes. I recommend they reprogram the slots and lower the payback rate.