AMZN Covered Call

Sold $AMZN Apr 15 650 call @ 2.55

#Gold $NUGT

Impressive that even on a big up day in the market, $DXY and UUP are higher, yet gold is barely down on the day.  There is a pretty impressive bid and continues to make higher low’s.

SPX calls stopped

#SPXcampaign BTC $SPX March 4th 1980/2005 call spreads for 7.40. Will implement rolls in the coming days.

Covered Calls on SVXY

It’s about time we can sell some calls on this.
Sold $SVXY Jun 17 53.00 call @ 1.30


Call spread in SPX for…

Call spread in SPX for the April monthly series
Sold $SPX 4/15 2095/2120 call spreads for 1.40 with SPX at 1973. Short strike is around 1 standard deviation (=2090). Another 120 points in the S&P would bring us right back up to the early Dec highs.


SOME TRADES: Decided I was…

SOME TRADES: Decided I was too far out in time with some of my trades, so I closed them to release some buying power, although it didn’t release as much as I thought it would, and do some front week trades, and 2nd week trades. All trades were profitable, some more than others.
$UVXY BTC 3/18/16 75.0 CALLS @.27
$UVXY BTC 3/24/16 25.0 PUTS @.42
$NUGT BTC 3/18/18 80.0 CALLS @1.65
$NUGT BTC 3/18/16 30.0 PUTS @.52
$DUST STO 3/11/16 5.0 CALLS @.32
$DUST STO 3/11/16 4.5 PUTS @.40

SPX put spreads

#SPXcampaign #Rolling Selling the other half of my roll; closed 1960-1985 call spread last week for 7.70. Sold new call spread earlier today for 5.50, selling this one, double-size, for 1.30; so netting additional .40 on the roll (added to the 1.25 initial spread was sold for).

STO $SPX March 24th 1825/1800 put spreads for 1.30.

Also need to stop out of the March 4th 1980/2005 call spread… ripped past my stop point while I was away from the desk this morning. Been closing and rolling anything that gets within 20-points.