Guy and Pete on fast money both recommended Gold miners ($NEM and $ABX) as their final trade, so watch for a higher open just from people reacting to that.

SPX call roll

#SPXcampaign 14 minutes after the bell, sold to open $SPX March 11th 2025/2050 call spreads for 2.25.

SPX same-day spread

#SPXcampaign Bought to close $SPX March 4th 1935/1910 put spreads for .40. Sold this morning for 1.60.

New low on VIX, touching…

New low on VIX, touching below 16.93 level intraday. Getting closer to an Upside Warning, but this could be the place where it bounces, too.

SPX put spreads

Bought to Close SPX APR 29 2016 1550/1525 Bull put spreads @ .35 (sold for 1.70)

AAPL trade

Yesterday I bought some AAPL calls to catch the squeeze expansion…I bought the 95, then an equal number of 98 and 102.
So today when the AAPL wasn’t moving higher I converted the position into a broken wing butterfly by selling one AAPL Mar 18 101 for $1.90 for every long option I had.
If all my long options’ strikes would have been below the 101 strike, this position would have been a regular vertical debit spread…however, since I have a higher strike options at 102, the position becomes a butterfly. What makes it a broken wing is that I have 2 options below the 101 strike for each option that I have above the 101 strike.
What that does to the position is that it caps the max profit but it also reduces my max loss to the cost of the position, and it doesn’t have any upside risk.
This position makes money as long as AAPL finishes above 98.44.


$NUGT BTC 3/11/16 30.0 PUTS @.25
$NUGT BTC 3/24/16 30.0 PUTS @.50
$ETE STO 3/18/16 7.5 CALLS @.42
$ETE STO 3/18/16 6.5 PUTS @.30
$ETE STO 3/11/16 7.0 PUTS @.30 Will accept the shares if assigned.