$IBM #Earning – sold these…

$IBM #Earnings – sold these yesterday into expected earnings. Today I closed them. Easy peezy.
Bought to close IBM (Weekly) Jul 22 2016 139.0 Puts @ 0.01
Bought to close IBM (Weekly) Jul 22 2016 141.0 Puts @ 0.01

SPX Mid Week 11 Hour…

SPX Mid Week 11 Hour Iron Condor STO 2175/2180/2140/2135 @ .50 filled at close.

#earnings $MSFT 7/22 STO 52…

$MSFT 7/22 STO 52 put @.72

Closing WHR

Taking this off at 70% max profit 5 months early.
Bought to close $WHR Dec 12 100 puts @ .40 (sold for 1.35 on 6/27)

UAL earnings… back to selling

#Earnings This one is the opposite of MSFT… a couple of outlier larger moves, but a low average move: Over last 12 earnings: Biggest UP move: 4.5% , Biggest DOWN move: -9.8% , Average move: 2.4% .

Sold to Open $UAL July 22nd 45.5/47.5/48/50 iron condors for 1.42. Risking .58 to make 1.42 max. This will give an expiration break-even at +/- 3%. Even if there’s a bigger move tomorrow we have until Friday to drift back toward the mean.


Is a descending triangle pattern forming? The triangle is not too prominent, so I’m not sure if it would qualify as one.



Really wanted to sell some short term, naked OTM calls on this but just not seeing enough premium at strikes I like to make it worth while.