Thurs. trade day

STO for next week of ladders
GILD 11/10 78 put at 1.04
EOG 11/10 92 put at 1.01

Rolled WDC 86 call tomorrow out 2 weeks for 2.23 credit. There was still .40 left in it but looking at mys schedule in the office not certain I would have time to trade at lunch. Better to do it early than not at all.
STO WDC 10/27 82 put at 1.18

From my WDC rolls now my cost basis is under 80 and finally showing big profits on the rolls. New trading range looks like 82-87 so as long as we stay there I will keep rolling the calls to take in more cash each week. Also pulled in the dividend of 0.50 last week. Virtual ATM last 12 weeks. The CC generates more cash than the puts but lower ROI.

Unless the market moves a lot tomorrow I am good until next week. Hope everyone has a good expiration week and trade smart!

Cheers, Chris