CHWY #earnings I’m bullish, there’s…

CHWY #earnings

I’m bullish, there’s big call skew in this ticker. I’ve been having good success orienting unbalanced flies to take advantage of the skew. Market Mindset on TT has been talking about this a lot too, with their “broken heart” trade. Admittedly I usually position earnings for way more downside room, so we’ll see how this goes.
So here’s my executed trade for earnings:

Dec 11
Skew Fly (with net 4.42 volatility edge, found via vol sum):
Bought qty 2 78 call
Sold Qty 3 85 call
Bought qty 1 95 call
Net Debit 2.99
For finance:
Sold qty 2 72 put @ 1.40
No upside risk, downside risk is assignment of 200 shares