$SPX STO 3/6 3960/3980 – 4110/4130 at $1.10

Today’s Trade
$SPX 3085/3905 – 4050/4070 expired. STO at .80

My call spreads did expire…

My call spreads did expire but it was a bit hairy. No trade for Monday as I could not get enough premium



BOIL 5.5 Diagonal Puts
BOIL 6.0 Diagonal Puts

LABU 7.0 Covered Call
LABU 11.5/8.5 Bear Call Spread
LABU 10/7 Bear Call Spreads

SOXL 18/16 Bear Call Spread

SPY 377/389 Bull Put Spread

UVXY 6.0 Covered Calls
UVXY 5.5 Covered Calls
UVXY 8/6 Bear Call Spreads
UVXY 7.5/5.5 Bear Call Spreads
UVXY 7/5 Bear Call Spreads

VXX 13.5 Covered Calls
VXX 13.0 Covered Calls
VXX 12.5 Covered Calls
VXX 16.5/14 Bear Call Spreads
VXX 16/13.5 Bear Call Spreads
VXX 16/13 Bear Call Spreads

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX March 6th 3960/3980-4105/4125 condors for 1.30, SPX at 4040, deltas -.08 +.05. Purposefully leaning a bit bullish, since some follow through from today’s rally may start the week.

As usual, the stop out ended up not being necessary, but short strike was breached so I’m happy with decision. Also managed to sell the long 4075 calls for .10, reducing my loss on the trade to be only -.50.

SOXL Calls

Sold 1 SOXL Mar 10 2023 16.5 Call at $0.38
Rolled today’s SOXL Mar 03 2023 15.5 Calls to SOXL Mar 10 2023 17.0 Calls at $0.09 Credit
A small overall gain on the 15.5 Calls

SPY Roll + one more

Rolled today’s SPY Mar 03 2023 402.0 Call to Tuesday’s SPY Mar 07 2023 404.0 Call at $0.80 Credit

Sold 1 SPY Mar 08 2023 409.0 Call at $1.05

SPX stopped

#SPX1dte Bought to close $SPX March 3rd 4045 call for 2.00. Taking my first stop in just over 3 weeks. This is the kind of day that can sneak up and kill a trade. A Friday with a slow climb upwards. Odds are we have already topped out for the day, but chances of a follow through are good enough to take the small loss and retain a nicely profitable week of +4.30.

SPY Call and Put

Sold 1 SPY Mar 07 2023 408.0 Call at $0.71
Sold 1 SPY Mar 08 2023 392.0 Put at $0.60