Only takes one day

#SPX1dte Today is the first day in 2023 where my stop-out was necessary and saved money. Before today, all of my stop-outs had cost me 14.17, and all were unnecessary. If I hadn’t stopped out on any of those days, my YTD profit would have jumped from +34.85 to +49.02. That’s a huge difference. But today, we had 2023’s first strong breach of my short strike, and that +14.17 “woulda-coulda” number plummets to be -0.36.

So the “no-stop” alternative is now basically dead even with my actual profit.

Tomorrow, I will look for a same-day trade after the jobs number is released.


My short puts are being pressured so jumped in on a short call
Sold 1 SPY Mar 10 2023 402.0 Call at $0.48
The strike is above the range for the last few days

SPX trouble

#SPX1dte My stop is hit and I’m not risking this today. Looking for an exit. Behavior of $VIX and $TICK charts signal the possibility of a real flush out here. Watching closely for an exit on bounce.


expires tomorrow
Sto SPY 10 MAR 2023 392/388 PUT @.40

Sto SPY 16 MAR 2023 377/373 PUT @.13

VXX Call Ladder

For next week:
Sold VXX Mar 17 2023 47.0 Covered Calls from $0.32 up to $0.42
Sold VXX Mar 17 2023 48.0 Calls at $0.35 and $0.40
Sold 1 VXX Mar 17 2023 49.0 Call at $0.37



#SyntheticStock #ShortPuts – Move to Fidelity is complete for all accounts now. Active Trader Pro is junk and the mobile app is junk compared to TOS but the cash sweep interest payments are pretty nice to make up for it. LOL Most positions are for tomorrow. Only things so far this week are adds to GOOGL and AMZN synthetic stock and an add to XBI April short puts.

Bring on the reports! (central time)



Tiny trades
Bought VNO at $18.25. Div = 8.0%
Bought PNC at $142.50. Div = 4.1%
Bought VFC at $23.41. Div = 5.0%
Bought WU at $11.70. Div = 7.9%
#SP500 #FallingKnife

BTW: Regional banks are really under pressure


SOLD SOXL 17 MAR 2023/10 MAR 2023 16.5 CALL @.49

FYI SPY Dividend

FYI SPY Dividend – Mar 17, 2023


STO KRE Jun16’23 50 PUT @1.15