march 16 383 put

march spy spreads expired

LABU 24 MAR 2023/17 MAR 2023 6 PUT @.14 CREDIT

SOXL 24 MAR 2023/17 MAR 2023 17/16.5 CALL @.44 CREDIT

SOLD -1 LABU 100 17 MAR 23 5.5 PUT @.17


$SPX STO 3/16 3740/3760 – 3980/4000 at 1.22 SPX at 3783 Expired

Out all day so no trade for tomorrow unless I try at the open.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte At 12:46 PDT, sold to open $SPX March 17th 3840/3860-4035/4055 condors for 1.20.


A few tiny trades early in the day at new lows:
LNC at $21.34
TFC at $29.79 and $30.00
USB at $34.29
#SP500 #FallingKnife


Partial position roll
Rolled this week’s UVXY 03/17/2023 5.0 Covered Calls to next week at $0.13 Credit
I will try to roll the rest of them up for a credit if UVXY falls again tomorrow

SPY OptionsExpiration

All expired:
1 SPY 424/400 Bear Call Spread
1 SPY 405/397 Bear Call Spread
1 SPY 370/388 Bull Put Spread
1 SPY 03/16/2023 390.0 Diagonal Put (sold on a roll Tuesday at $4.29)
#SPYDailyLadder #OnlySpreads


Thanks for your advise. I was “Killing it” until March 2nd, since then I’m at 2.96 loss.
Are you using TOS to calculate the expected move?

SPX stopped

#SPX1dte BTC $SPX March 16th 3970/3990 call spreads for 1.50. With my .05 closure of puts that makes the day breakeven, less commissions.

How do you manage the emotional side of trading SPX?

This question is for Jeff and everyone else trading SPX.

When your position is tested, like today with SPX at 3961 and short calls at 3970, how do you manage the emotional side of trading?

I usually close the trade early for a small loss, but most of the time miss out on a winning trade.
I think, it is a purely emotional response, but should be avoided in trading.

  • Do you stick to your plan and close early, or hope for the best and see what happens?
  • Is your approach different for Calls vs. Puts?

STO SPX 4000/4020 call spread…

STO SPX 4000/4020 call spread at .50 cents in my IRA for a small trade for expiration today.


#CoveredCalls – With the up move today now need to roll a day early for dividend risk.

Rolled SPY MAR 17 2023 380.0 Call to MAR 24 2023 382.0 Call @ .60 credit (12.25 total now)
Rolled SPY MAR 17 2023 383.0 Calls to MAR 24 2023 385.0 Calls @ .25 credit (9.00 total now)
Rolled SPY MAR 17 2023 384.0 Calls to MAR 24 2023 386.0 Calls @ .35 credit (8.80 total now)
Rolled SPY MAR 17 2023 385.0 Calls to MAR 24 2023 387.0 Calls @ .60 credit (8.60 total now)

How do you know if your in the money short call might be at risk during an ex-dividend event? Here’s a quick and easy way. Just look at the value of the corresponding put:

Any option that has an extrinsic value of less than the amount of the dividend might be a candidate for early exercise. So if a trader is short an ITM call and the strike’s corresponding put is trading for less than the upcoming dividend, they’re more likely to be assigned.

Something just happened

Something just happened


#ShortPuts – Re-load.

Sold TLT MAR 31 2023 104.5.0 Puts @ 1.00

SPY Put Rolldown

Bought to close 1 SPY Mar 16 2023 392.0 Put at $1.78. Sold this at $4.61 on a rolldown yesterday
Rolled it to tomorrow’s SPY Mar 17 2023 388.0 Put at $1.84 for a $0.06 Credit
Dropped the short strike 4 points

Also sold 1 SPY Mar 17 2023 398.0 Call at $0.43 for tomorrow’s expiration


SPX puts closed

#SPX1dte Bought to close $SPX Mar 16th 3765/3745 put spreads for .05. Condors sold for 1.55 yesterday. This is for safety in volatile market.


#ShortPuts – One add.

Sold XBI APR 21 2023 75.0 Put @ 2.65


STO 3745/3765 put spread at .55 in the premarket