When a neighbor calls

#SPXcampaign While working my order to exit the 2120 calls with SPX in the 2125 area, my doorbell rang so I went and answered a question from my neighbor. About 3 minutes away from the computer caused about a $3K loss. Market took off and now I’m letting it exercise. I continue my streak of horrible exits from ATM/ITM spreads!

Exercised: Nov 7th 2120/2140 call spreads for 11.50. Sold Friday for 1.35.
Sold two put spreads expiring Wednesday as a partial roll:
STO Nov 9th 2100/2075 put spreads for 4.50
STO Nov 9th 2025/2000 put spreads for 1.30.

Also, expiring today:
Nov 7th 2065/2040 put spreads, sold Friday for 1.45.


Well, while I was poking around here earlier I set up a sell to cover call, selling the Nov 11th 80 call for 1.05.  Caught the earlier pop at 3:15 this afternoon.  Now its back to hiding under the bed.  Have a great afternoon.

AMZN Sold Dec. 16 850/860…


Sold Dec. 16 850/860 call spread for 1.02.

Glad I waited before rolling…

Glad I waited before rolling my 2120/2140 spread. Maybe I’ll even get out for free…

Did Charles Evans (Fed) say…

Did Charles Evans (Fed) say something scary?


Popped in to see how the relief rally was going and write up a trade.  Sold Nov 11th 77 Calls at 1.55 when SVXY was at 70.80.  These are covered by long stock that was originally covered by Nov 4th 75 Calls that obviously expired last Friday.  Otherwise sitting on my hands out in the gardens.

$SVXY #ShortPuts – Sold SVXY…

$SVXY #ShortPuts – Sold SVXY Nov 11 2016 51.0 Puts @ 0.32 with the stock at 71.18.
These expire Friday.