Options Expiration 11/9/16

#SPXcampaign #OptionsExpiration
SPX Nov 9th 1990/1965 put spreads. Sold for 1.90 on Friday.
SPX Nov 9th 2025/2000 put spreads. Sold for 1.30 on Monday.
SPX Nov 9th 2100/2075 put spreads. Sold for 4.50 on Monday.


$SPX 11/9 2200/2175 BECS STO 11/7 for 1.20 Jeff rocks

Closed DITM Spread

I was following Jeff with an intentional DITM SPX BuPS to learn how to manage fear. After the last 3 days it’s no longer as DITM, I saw some decent green, and I’m thinking MAYBE the market might pull back and I can get back in later to continue following his trade, so… BTC SPX 25nov16 2175/2150 BuPS @ 10.00, originally sold for 13.00 three weeks ago when SPX was a lot lower.   Coulda got more, but hey I’m happy! Thanks Jeff.

Spx trade

I’m selling the nov 11 2170 put for 10.60 with the idea spx will continue to go up tomorrow. I have my stop set for 6.60 to close with 4.00 profit. I will close his trade tomorrow in all cases.

Closed Early

$SPX 11/11 1965/1990 BUPS @ 91% profit

After noticing the incredible drop in futures starting at 8 PM last night I never expected to get out for a profit on my $SPX BUPS. I know nothing. The market knows all.
Similarly, I though last night my BECS $SPX spreads were safe. Not so much. Palpitations anyone?

SPX call spreads stopped

#SPXcampaign Couldn’t get a break again, fourth day own a row I’ve been hit with ATM stops. This is all due to my aggressive selling of short-term, near-the-money spreads… these are NOT the usual SPX campaign trades.

Bought to close $SPX Nov 9th 2165 calls for 3.90. Sold as the 2165/2180 call spreads on Monday for 1.75.
Bought to close $SPX Nov 11th 2165/2190 call spreads for 9.35. Sold for 1.70 on Nov 4th.

Working on rolls for both. Plan to sell aggressive call spreads.

PRGO Earnings

#Earnings Sold to Open Nov 11th $PRGO 75/93 strangles for 1.40. Biggest UP move: 7.3%, Biggest DOWN move: -10.2%, Average move: 5.6%. These strikes are +10.2% and -11.1% OTM