/ES Eminis

Rolled my Nov 2140 covered put out and down to Dec 2120 to make a little more room to the downside. Paid a half point debit for the roll. Not much liquidity this time of night.

Turning into a pretty good hedge with a cost basis of 2190. Toughest thing at this point is deciding when to cover it. Would love to cover the short and then double dip cashing in on the short put when we head back up. 200 ma at 2076 might be a good low risk place to give it a shot. Cover there and re-sell if it doesn’t hold…

$VIX – the 10th longest…

$VIX – the 10th longest $VIX contango streak ended today at 89 consecutive trading days.

$AGN fallingknife

$AGN fallingknife

FSLR earnings

No luck yet on 2.5 wide IB @ 2.05…

FB many FB earnings trades…


many FB earnings trades here and at TT, mostly neutral to slightly bullish, something for everyone if you want to play along.


Miners are getting crushed. Gold still much higher than yesterday, even though well off the highs. $GDX is well below yesterday’s lows.

CMI puts

Sold $CMI Dec 16 110 puts @ 1.30. If the stock has another 10% of downside between now and expiration I’ll take it and go long at 108.70 in December.