VXX Puts rolled very early

I’ve rolled my put position that is farthest in the money out a week, and down 2 whole points, to get it out of the money post-election.
Bought to close VXX Oct 30 2020 25 Puts Net Credit / Sold to Open VXX Nov 06 2020 23 Puts @ 0.07 Net Credit.

This was the short put that caused me to be so aggressive on the calls sales for this week. With this one rolled down I can quit worrying about carrying so may short calls as an offset.

#earnings MSFT #calendar Bought Oct….

#earnings MSFT #calendar

Bought Oct. 6/Nov. 30 217.50 calendar for 2.10


MMM puts

Sold $MMM 12/18 150 puts @ 3.55. Willing to take assignment at a cost basis of 146.45, which is below the lows from August.

VXX Puts

Bought to close VXX 10/30/2020 21.00 Diagonal Puts @ 0.01. They won’t trade any lower.
Sold these on Friday @ 0.39 so only in them 2 days.
#DoubleDip trade against long puts in 2021


#ShortCalls – Selling against Nov monthly short puts. Earnings Thursday before the open.

Sold OSTK OCT 30 2020 87.5 Calls @ 1.15

FSLR Earnings

#ShortStrangles #Earnings – Everything in all accounts decaying nicely (good) but I’m bored (bad) so here goes nothing just to do something.

Sold FSLR OCT 30 2020 75.0/90.0 Strangles @ 1.53


Bought INTC / Sold INTC Nov 13 2020 46.5 Call @ $44.68 Net Debit
YTD low is 43.63, and the next XDiv date is 11/05

SPX trades

#SPX7dteLong Bought to Open $SPX Nov 2nd 3375/3395-3405/3425 iron condors for 17.50, with SPX at 3391.

#SPX1dte trade to come, I will comment below this post.

SPY early roll

Since I’ve got almost all my SPY short calls bunched into tomorrow’s expiration I’ve decided to roll the one with the lowest strike price UP and out 2 days to Friday.
Bought to close SPY Oct 28 2020 334 Call Net Credit / Sold to Open SPY Oct 30 2020 335 Call @ 0.12 Net Credit.

If all goes as planned most of my short positions will be gone tomorrow or at least be rolled significantly higher.

#callratiospread INTC Bought a Dec….

#callratiospread INTC

Bought a Dec. 18, call ratio spread, 42.50/42.50/short 45 for 5.59, don’t think I’ve done this type of trade before.
Thanks @optioniceman for the INTC awareness.