KSS Roll into earning

Bought to close 1 KSS 11/13/2020 23.50 Covered Call / Sold 1 KSS 11/20/2020 24.0 Covered Call @ 1.02 Credit plus another $0.50 up on the strike price. (a nice fat time premium)

I’m letting my other 11/13 23.50 covered Call get assigned, partly based on my history with this stock.
I bought my first 100 shares on 3/13 at 23.19 just as the Covid decline accelerated . I’m letting those shares go.
I bought a 2nd 100 shares on 04/02 at 11.65. I didn’t get the dead low but did pretty well on that buy.

I’ve been sell covered calls all the way up on both lots and have been tempted to get out many times since my shares got above my average cost of 17.42.

I figure whatever happens next week I’ll be happy. It the stock is up, at least I still have some, if it is down, at least I sold some.