Jun/ May-07 80 put calendar @3.06, opened when $PTON was at 88. My original plan was to roll the weekly short leg and keep collection theta….

but I didn’t think it would get to 80 today, and I did some adjustment right before the close (chickened out?), took half off @4.7 (53%), and for the 2nd half, rolled long June 80 puts to May-14th, for 3.07 credit. That got my cost covered, and left with a “free” May 14/May 7 80 calendar.

With PTON taking a $10 swing after the hour, it would anyone’s guess where it will be tomorrow.

Still have the 60 put calendar.

SPX trades

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX May 7th 4110/4130-4225/4245 iron condors for 1.20, SPX at 4188, IV 11.7%, deltas -.07, +.08

#SPX7dteLong Earlier: Bought to Open $SPX May 12th 4145/4165-4175/4195 iron condors for 16.45, with SPX at 4170.

TQQQ, STO June 18, 65…

TQQQ, STO June 18, 65 put at 1.31


STO June 18, 115 calls at 2.55
MSFT, STO May 21, 252.5 covered calls at 2.55, My 257.5 calls will expire tomorrow or I will cover them at .02 cents


BTC May 7, 75 puts at .02, sold at 1.15, just freeing up margin because this market feels really bad.