Downside Warning is in effect

#VIXIndicator It went in effect at the close today.

Here are the last three Downside Warnings for reference:
Fired 2/25/21, at the SPX close of 3,829. The SPX low of 3,723 was 5 trading days later.
Fired 1/27/21, at the SPX close of 3,750. The SPX low of 3,694 was only 2 days later .
Fired 9/3/20, at the SPX close of 3,455. The SPX low of 3,209 was 3 weeks later on Sep 24th.


Sold 1 LABU May 14 2021 67.0 Call at $0.52.
Selling against the top end of my Put ladder for this week.

MNMD lottery ticket

#LongStock – Bought shares as a lottery ticket. At 3 bucks it’s like a call option that never expires. Whiz is big on this for PTSD and suicide prevention for veterans. Definite lottery though!

SPX trades

#SPX7dteLong Sold to close $SPX May 12th 4175/4195 call spreads for 3.70. Condors bought for 16.45 last Thursday. Saving put side for later today or tomorrow, as I believe we are entering a correction.


#ShortPuts – Kind of a slow week mostly waiting and watching with current positions. Still one small add and a roll.

TQQQ: Starting new June position. Still holding May.
Sold TQQQ JUN 18 2021 70.0 Put @ 2.50

TSLA: Rolling put side of strangle out and down. Will continue call selling against it.
Rolled TSLA MAY 21 2021 550.0 Put to JUN 18 2021 475.0 Put @ .85 debit


STO June 25, 60 put at 1.30


Sold $TQQQ Jun 18 65 put @ 1.80

VXX – a few more calls

Sold VXX May 14 2021 42.0 Calls at $1.33
Sold VXX1 May 14 2021 10.5 Calls(adj) at $0.29 – so not as good as the post split order.

Upside Warning es finito

#VIXIndicator In premarket, $VIX has gone higher and ended the Upside Warning, which lasted 57 days and took us from SPX 3898 to peak of 4238. Falling prices and higher volatility are likely for coming days or weeks.