Closing IWM

Bought to close $IWM Jun 18 203/210/242/249 iron condor @ 2.05 for 50% of the profit (sold for 2.10)

SPX update

#SPX7dteLong Bought to Open $SPX May 28th 4185/4205-4215/4235 condors for 15.10, with SPX at 4208.

Expiring for max credit of 20.00: May 24th 4155/4175 call spreads, bought last Tuesday for 16.85

Last week, the 7-dte strategy saw three straight losses, further validating the need to leg out of these trades when opportunity is there.

TQQQ diagonal call spread

Bought to open 1 TQQQ Jul 16 2021 130.0 Call / Sold to Open 1 TQQQ May 28 2021 105.0 Call @ 0.08 Credit.
Hoping the 1o5 call sold for $1.03 expires Friday

TQQQ Put Close

$TQQQ BTC 5/28 75 put at .08. STO at 1.63. Thank you @jsd501


#ShortCalls – Closed a short put earlier for a nice gain so no need to hold the risk on this.

Bought to Close TSLA JUN 4 2021 675.0 Call @ 2.36 (sold for 2.15)

Still holding a Jun 475 short put.


#ShortPuts – Selling at the expected move and near recent lows. Also, above the 20, 50, and 100 day moving averages.

Sold REGN JUN 18 2021 475.0 Put @ 4.20


#ShortPuts – Nice run today so I’ll take almost half.

Bought to Close TSLA MAY 28 2021 560.0 Put @ 3.50 (sold for 6.75)


Sold AMC May 28 2021 14.5 Calls at $0.80.

AMC Entertainment’s (AMC) largest shareholder Wanda Group has sold most of its shares in the movie theater company, cutting its stake to 0.002% on a diluted basis following AMC’s recent capital raise.

According to a US Securities and Exchange filing Friday, Wanda Group, which formerly held a stake of more than 30% in the company, sold the shares in the open market in the period May 13 through 18 at around $14 per share. Following the sale, the Chinese conglomerate now owns 10,000 shares in AMC