#ShortPuts – Back in…selling at the 200 day.

Sold SPY JUN 18 2021 370.0 Put @ 4.00


#ShortPuts – A little early on it this morning. Picked this particular strike to even out the ladder. It was a standing order while I was out.

Sold SOXL MAY 21 2021 34.0 Put @ 5.00

STO May21, 95 call at…

STO May21, 95 call at 2.10


BTC May 21, 110 call at .15, sold at 4.25


STO May 21, 95 call at 2.45
STO Mat 28, 100 call at 1.95

VXX longs

#VXXGame Long strategy that I haven’t done in awhile, but is perfect to enact after a reverse split. Iceman put on a few similar trades the other day. There should be another reverse split before these expire.

Bought to Open $VXX June 2022 10 puts for .35
Bought to Open $VXX Jan 2023 10 puts for 1.05

I will add more when premium gets lower.

SPX trades

#SPX1dte Earlier: Bought to close $SPX May 12th 4055/4035 put spreads for 1.10, when stop was breached at 4095. Condors sold yesterday for 1.10, so breakeven, loss of commissions.



Sold to open $TSLA Jun 18 415 put @ 5.30. Premium is a bit better right now.


The big unwind of the most speculative names


UVXY Calendar

Bought to close UVXY May 14 2021 5.0 Puts at $0.14. Sold them at $0.63 on a roll out last Friday.
Replaced them with UVXY May 21 2021 4.5 Puts at $0.16.
My Long position against the short are some old June 4.0 and 5.0 Puts.
Little downside risk remains after this big rolldown.

VXX Puts closed

Bought to close VXX May 14 2021 36.0 Puts at $0.01. They won’t trade any lower.
Sold them at $0.62 on a rolldown last Friday.

VXX1 Put rolldown

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to roll one of my short VXX ITM puts down for a credit.
Bought to close VXX1 May 14 2021 11.0 Puts at $0.46. Sold them at $1.27 on a roll out last Friday.

Replaced them with VXX1 May 21 2021 10.5 Puts at $0.48.

My long hedge is some old June 9.0 and 10.0 Puts that are trading at a nice gain.