Nat Gas

Gas prices have gotten all the headlines since Nov but wait until the heating bills hit. BOIL up 265% off the lows. No position for me…yet.

SPX trades

#SPX7dteLong Bought to Open $SPX Sep 13th 4485/4505-4515/4535 condors for 14.70, with SPX at 4511.

Today’s 4535/4555 call spread will expire worthless, leaving me only with the 8.00 credit I got for the put side yesterday. Bought for 14.55 last Thursday so 6.55 loss.

#SPX1dte Expected to expire worthless: $SPX Sep 8th 4460/4480-4550/4570 condors, sold yesterday for 1.30.


Sold to open $ABBV Oct 15 105 puts @ 1.62. Looks like the low from last week’s selloff could hold with the stock bouncing today. If assigned at 105, dividend yield will be around 5%.

VXX Calls

Sold VXX Sep 10 2021 28.5 Covered Calls at $0.27.
I will add if given the chance at a higher price.

COUP earnings

#ShortPuts – Might reload lower and further out.

Bought to Close COUP SEP 17 2021 240.0 Put @ 1.90 (sold for 3.80)


STO October 15, 35 put at 1.20

ALB Put Close

$ALB BTC 9/17 220 put at 1.00. STO at 8.00


#ShortPuts – Adding.

Sold SOXL OCT 15 2021 39.0 Put @ 2.05


Sold LABU Sep 10 2021 58.5 Puts at $0.35
Paired with a number of short Calls for this week.

Rolling DOCU

Rolled $DOCU 9/17 325/335 bear call spread down to 290/300 for 2.60 credit, to create an iron fly with the 290/280 bull put spread. Total premium taken in 5.40.


Back out of this stock after exiting it at 18.33.
Bought a bit at a new low of 14.68 on Aug 19th and I was never able to average down.
This is my 2nd successful swing trade of this former #Fallingknife


BTC September 17, 240 put at 1.95,sold at 4.10 yesterday. Hat tip to Fuzzball for the idea.


#ShortPuts – Adding.

Sold SOXL OCT 15 2021 41.0 Put @ 2.10

COUP post earnings

#ShortPuts – Replacing some stock getting called away this week.

Sold COUP OCT 8 2021 230.0 Put @ 4.00


Sold 1 COIN Sep 10 2021 247.5 Diagonal Put at $1.82.
Paired with the COIN 275.0 Call I rolled up to last week at $8.10 for a 247.5/275.0 Strangle with a total Credit of $9.92