$CLOV STO 9/10 11.50 call at .75

COIN Call Closed / LABU MRNA Call / TQQQ Put Close

$COIN BTC 9/10 280 call at 1.55. STO on 9/3 for 5.66. Stock dropped precipitously and I took the money and ran. Will resell as $COIN rebounds.

$LABU STO 9/10 70 call at 1.00
$MRNA STO 9/10 475 call at 2.75

$TQQQ BTC 9/17 97.5 put at .19. STO at 1.80. Thank you @jsd501

#spx sto SPX 4 OCT…


sto SPX 4 OCT 2021 , 4375/4370 PUT @.55


#ShortPuts – Missed the morning panic but still looks like a reasonable entry. Selling the expected move and near recent lows.

Sold COIN OCT 8 2021 230.0 Put @ 3.60


STO September 17, 340 put at 12.50


Putting this high yield #FallingKnife on my watch list.
Only about 2% above the 52-week low


#Diagonal – Selling front exp just under expected move and covering with a back month long costing about 50% more than the credit received on the short.

Replaces a profitable long DEC 21, 300 Call.

Sold QQQ SEP 21 2021 390.0 Call / Bought NOV 19 2021 405.0 Call Diagonal @ $1.65 debit (hate debits but probably safer that way on this underlying).


Probably jumped too early here – was looking to get in on a dip – COIN was down about 1.5 when I put this in. Its dropped further since it executed.

STO Coin Sep-17-2021 245/255 #BuPS @1.25 credit.

SPX trades

#SPX7dteLong Sold to close $SPX Sep 8th 4525/4505 put spreads for 8.00. Saving call spreads for the hopeful bounce.

I was travelling last week so was unable to post. For the condor expiring today:
Purchased last Tuesday for 14.30
Sold put side on Thursday for 5.25
Sold call side Friday for 12.00
Total profit: 2.95



The VIX index increased by 10 percent this morning.
I don’t know if this is going anywhere but it bears watching.

COUP earnings

#ShortPuts – Selling down near the 50 day but slightly inside the expected move.

Sold COUP SEP 17 2021 240.0 Put @ 3.80

#soxl sto 17 SEP 2021…


sto 17 SEP 2021 43 PUT @.80

VXX Calls

Sold VXX Sep 17 2021 32.5 Covered Calls at $0.36 replacing some that expired Friday.


The only #SP500 stock to hit a 52-week low in quite a while
Bought a bit at 42.50