SPX trades

#SPX7dte Bought to Open $SPX 4440/4460-4470/4490 condors for 15.95, with SPX at 4465.

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX 4355/4375-4495/4515 condors for 1.05, with SPX at 4448, IV 11.9%, deltas -.06 +.07


BTO SPX Sep-27-21 4430/Sep-24-21 4430 Put Calendar @ 6.7, play for a possible pause.

LW Stock

Bought a bit of LW at a fresh 52-week low of $60.00
#SP500 #FallingKnife

LW has confirmed that earnings will be announced 10/07/2021



BTO COST Oct-01-21 450/Sep-24-21 450 Put Calendar @ 1.6
BTO NKE Oct-01-21 165/Sep-24-21 165 Call Calendar @ 0.53

A little more bullish on NKE than COST

TNA Call -1dte

Sold 1 TNA Sep 24 2021 92 Call at $0.53


BTO BIIB Oct-15-21 310/Oct-01-21 310 Call Calendar @3.25 (330 might be better, but 310 has highest OI)
BTO $TTWO Oct-15-21 155/Oct-01-21 155 Call Calendar @0.85

two oversold stocks, hope one of them will work out.


STC $ADBE Sep-24-21 630/Oct-01-21 630 Put Calendar @4.75 , bought at 3.48

#soxl About a month ago…


About a month ago
I asked a fb friend that has a couple of hedge funds to work his magic and send email to cboe and get soxl weekly options.

Well looks like it is happening.
very excited!!


Sold 1 AMC Sep 24 2021 42 Call at $0.89
Sold TLRY Sep 24 2021 12.5 Calls at $0.18
Sold 1 TNA Sep 24 2021 90 Call at $0.66


BTC $SPX Sep-24-21 4400/4425/4540/4565 Iron Condor @ 5.3, sold for 8.55.

Taking the risk off with one day left. glad with any graceful exit, plus all the excitement, though never hit my stop ;-).