VXX Calls

Sold VXX Sep 10 2021 27.5 Diagonal Calls at $0.16
Sold VXX Sep 10 2021 27.0 Diagonal Calls at $0.24
Sold VXX Sep 10 2021 26.5 Covered Calls at $0.32
Sold VXX Sep 10 2021 26.0 Covered Calls at $0.52 & $0.53.
Expires tomorrow.

GME LULU earning calendar

Scaled out on GME 200 calendar for 50 then 70% gain.

LULU has been a bust so far. will give it a few more hrs.

#spx sto 4 OCT 2021…


sto 4 OCT 2021 4375/4370 PUT @.60


The chart says it all


SAM falling knife?

BTO $SAM 2022 Jun 560 call 70.5.

Now the bad news that everyone is waiting for is out… just 1 contract.

This is a totally new trade with much longer time frame, from the Oct ones I opened before, which are in dark red and I need to assess based on how it trades in the next few days.


BTC September 10, 95 puts at .01, sold at 1.15


SPX trades

#SPX7dteLong Sold to close $SPX Sep 10th 4525/4505 put spreads for 5.00. Leaving call spreads for more upside.

Made the mistake of getting spooked by yesterday’s drop, and did not sell this put side then. I should have heeded the Upside Warning and closed it. But hopefully we can revisit the highs around 4545 tomorrow.


LULU post-earnings

Sold to open $LULU 9/17 450/460 bear call spread @ 1.20 with the stock coming off its post-earnings opening highs.


Rolled $ABNB Sep-10-2021 155/165 #BuPS // Oct-10-2021 @1.00 Credit.
Continuing series of rolls since earlier this year.