Sold out of my WDC position at 60.00.
Bought on 01/28/2022 at $49.20 and on 03/14/2022 at $45.00.

Sold out of my INCY position at $76.81.
Bought on 08/10/2021 at $75.00, on 09/22/2021 at $70.00 and on 10/06/2021 at $64.88.

Sold out of my MHK position at $153.43.
Bought on 02/11/2022 at $146.00, on 02/24/2022 at $133.03 and on 03/07/2022 at $125.00.

I know, not very “iceman” of me, but I’ll admit this market has me a bit spooked.

Shifting my focus on new buys to #SP500 stocks that are actually paying a dividend and raising a bit of cash.