SPX 1-dte… switching to LONG

#SPX1dte BOUGHT to Open $SPX May 31st 4000/4020-4235/4255 condors for 1.60. SPX at 4142, IV 16.2%, deltas -.06 +.06

Yes, I am BUYING this one, since just about every day for a couple months has offered a higher spread price than my entry, even on the days things settled quickly and they expire worthless. The biggest trick will be WHEN TO EXIT. This morning I may have been happy with 4.50 as an exit on the call side… but over 15.00 eventually became available. But suffice it to say, I only need to make about 1.00 per day to meet the goals of this strategy.

I will probably alternate between long and short, and definitely switch back to short when volatility settles.

Weekly summary:
3 wins, +4.45
2 losses, -3.65
Total: +.80 for the week