Luckily I didn’t have to roll any calls up except in SOXL on the big market move into quarter end. Made most of this week’s gain in UVXY and VXX, and suffered through a couple more early put assignments.

BOIL 6.0 Covered Calls
BOIL 5.5 Covered Calls
BOIL 4.0 Covered Calls
BOIL 4.0 Diagonal Call
BOIL 3.5 Diagonal Put
BOIL 2/3.5 Bull Put Spread

LABU 5.0 Covered Call
LABU 5.0 Diagonal Calls

SOXL 9/14 Bull Put Spread
SOXL 9/13.5 Bull Put Spreads

UVXY 5.5 Covered Calls
UVXY 5.0 Covered Calls
UVXY 10/6.5 Bear Call Spreads
UVXY 9/5 Bear Call Spreads
UVXY 4/4.5 Bull Put spread

VXX 50.0 Covered Calls
VXX1 12.0 Covered Calls
VXX 80/62 Bear Call Spread
VXX 75/60 Bear Call Spread
VXX 75/59 Bear Call Spread
VXX 75/58 Bear Call Spreads
VXX 75/57 Bear Call Spread
VXX 75/55 Bear Call Spreads
VXX 54.0 Diagonal Call
VXX 53.0 Diagonal Calls
VXX 51.0 Diagonal Call
VXX 50.0 Diagonal Call
VXX 48.0 Diagonal Call
VXX 47.5 Diagonal Call
VXX 47.0 Diagonal Call
VXX1 11.0 Duagonal Puts
VXX 44.0 Diagonal Puts
VXX 43.5 Diagonal Puts

DISH 8.5 Put
FRC 3.5 Put
GPS 8.5 Put

Early assignment on my LABU 6.0 Puts – adjusted cost after premium = $4.50
Early assignment on my BOIL 5.5 Puts – adjusted cost after premium = $4.08