Anyone trading TQQQ or UPRO?…

Anyone trading TQQQ or UPRO? Triple bulls on the qqq and spy.

Good premiums and obviously they whip around a lot but that is the point.

May start another experiment with some of these if no one else trading. Possible ITM CC candidates or sell puts on weeklies then if assigned roll into CC with hope of getting called out.

My only concern is excessive volatility or a sustained down move. I guess then could set up a synthetic short if you were long the stock and buy a few extra puts or buy the inverse SQQQ or SDS.

Thoughts, anyone doing this already?

I tend to not follow any of the Gurus other than tastytrade but this is one chuck hughes is always selling covered calls on. a 4 DTE ATM options holds 1.50 of premium.

11 DTE is going for 2.50 mid point.