Dividend info

Stocks in the SP500 that have eliminated their dividend – just a FYI
Carnival Corp.
Coty Inc. Class A
Nordstrom Inc.
Kohl’s Corp.
Macy’s Inc.
Marathon Oil Corp.
American Airlines Group Inc.
Royal Caribbean Group
Delta Air Lines Inc.
National Oilwell Varco Inc.
PVH Corp.
DXC Technology Co.
Boeing Co.
Alaska Air Group Inc.
Western Digital Corp.
Tapestry Inc.
Kimco Realty Corp.
Ralph Lauren Corp. Class A
Host Hotels & Resorts Inc.
Wynn Resorts Ltd.
Marriott International Inc. Class A
Southwest Airlines Co.
Molson Coors Beverage Co. Class B
Las Vegas Sands Corp.
Ford Motor Co.
Ross Stores Inc.
Universal Health Services Inc. Class B
Darden Restaurants Inc.
Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc.
General Motors Co.
Gap Inc.
Expedia Group Inc.
TJX Cos.
Walt Disney Co.
Aptiv PLC
HCA Healthcare Inc.
Weyerhaeuser Co.
Freeport-McMoRan Inc.
Maxim Integrated Products Inc.
L Brands Inc.

Dipping a toe back in the SPX pool

3 day trade
Sold $SPX 8/28 3355/3380//3485/3510 iron condor @ 3.60 credit. Short strike deltas at 13 (puts) and 15 (calls).

SPX trades

#SPX7dteLong Bought to Open $SPX Aug 31st 3415/3435-3445/3465 condors for 15.30, with SPX at 3439.

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Aug 26th 3370/3390-3470/3490 condors for .90, IV 10.9%, SPX 3438, deltas -.07,+.07


BTC September 25, 280/300 put spread at .52, sold at 1.08, following the TT rules of 50% or 21 days.


OSTK STO 8/28/20 118.0 CALL @4.00
OSTK BTO STOCK @109.37 Not a timely post
OSTK BTO STOCK @112.68 Slowly adding stock to cover above call. Not covered yet. Have other calls with higher strikes.
KODK STO 8/28/20 7.0 CALLS @.70 Not a timely post.


I am out of my TSLA strangle for a small loss of .30 cents, it was using too much margin. I should have done an iron condor.

On an other trade, I sold a strangle on Silver for October 16, 21/29 for 1.01

Another BABA adjustment

Rolled $BABA 9/18 270/260 bull put spread up to 280/270 for 1.21 credit. Position is now an iron butterfly (270/280/290) with the stock around 288. Total premium taken in 7.16. Nothing more to do with this. I will either take it off for a profit if the stock comes back toward 280 or will accept the max loss of 2.84.

I got this message from…

I got this message from IB

Tue Aug 25 09:09:11 2020 EST
As per Nasadaq’s System Status page- Nasdaq PHLX, NOM, BX, ISE, GEMX, and MRX have made all AAPL and TSLA options non-tradeable.


BTC September 25, 400/600 strangle at 2.95, sold at 6.02

#coveredcalls #shortputs UNG X CC…

#coveredcalls #shortputs UNG X CC CCL

UNG sold Sept. 18, 13 put for .35
X sold Aug. 28, 8 call for .11
CC sold Aug. 28, 21 call for .30
CCL sold Sept. 18, 18 call for .52

BABA adjustment

With $BABA breaching the short call strike of my iron condor, rolled 9/18 255/245 bull put spread up to 270/260 for 1.63 credit. Adjusted iron condor is 260/270//280/290. Total premium now taken in on the position is 5.95.


Sold AAL 08/28/2020 15.00 Diagonal Calls @ 0.18 against already long Oct 25 Calls #DoubleDip
Sold KSS 08/28/2020 23.0 Diagonal Calls @ 0.06 against already long Oct 30 Calls #DoubleDip
Sold KSS 09/04/2020 23.0 Covered Calls @ 0.21
Pays for next week’s beer run 🙂 🙂

Bought AAL 10/16/2020 23.0 Calls / Sold AAL 08/28/2020 14.50 Calls @ 0.05 Credit – Adding longs at a lower strike (corrected this one – originally posted wrong)

#shortputs #closing SBUX Bought to…

#shortputs #closing SBUX

Bought to close Sept. 18, 90 put. This started as an #ironcondor on February 21 with an 82.50 short put. It was rolled 6 times ending up as a naked put. I ended up making $89.

CRM earnings analysis

#Earnings $CRM reports tonight. Below are details on earnings one-day moves over the last 12 quarters.

May 28, 2020 AC -3.48% Biggest DOWN
Feb. 25, 2020 AC -1.32%
Dec. 3, 2019 AC -3.18%
Aug. 22, 2019 AC +2.24%
June 4, 2019 AC +5.05%
March 4, 2019 AC -0.96%
Nov. 27, 2018 AC +10.27% Biggest UP
Aug. 29, 2018 AC -1.71%
May 29, 2018 AC +1.90%
Feb. 28, 2018 AC +2.73%
Nov. 21, 2017 AC -1.81%
Aug. 22, 2017 AC +0.12%

Avg (+ or -) 2.90%
Bias 0.82%, positive bias on earnings.

With stock at 191.00 the data suggests these ranges:
Based on current IV (expected move into Friday per TOS): 198.50 to 226.50 (+/- 6.6%)
Based on AVERAGE one-day move over last 12 quarters: 206.34 to 218.66
Based on MAXIMUM one-day move over last 12 Q’s (10.3%): 190.68 to 234.32
Based on DOWN max only (-3.5%): 205.11

Open to requests for other symbols.

SPX 7-dte

#SPX7dte Sold to close on GTC order in premarket: $SPX Aug 26th 3370/3390 call spreads for 19.00. Condors bought for 16.00 last Thursday. Will look to get some pennies for the put side, too.