Sold 1 SQQQ Oct 15 2021 8.5 Covered Call at $0.30

Closing SPX IC

Bought to close $SPXW Oct 13 4295/4320/4450/4480 iron condor @ 5.15 for 1.05 loss (sold for 4.10 yesterday) with SPX showing weakness into the close.

BABA pre earnings

#ShortPuts – Sold BABA OCT 29 2021 150.0 Put @ 2.50


The broad averages are not showing it, but this is the most number of #SP500 stocks to hit new lows in a while.
All of these are currently paying dividends too.
Bought CTXS at $92.14
Bought FIS at $115.00
Bought GPN at $149.75
Bought LW at $55.00
Bought T at $25.83
Tiny buys – #FallingKnife trades


Sold to open $SPX Oct 15 (AM) 4250/4275/4430/4455 iron condor @ 4.15. Short puts 12∆, short calls 13∆. Expiration is Friday morning (for all intents and purposes Thursday end of day).


BTO Oct-18-21 4350/Oct-13-21 4350 Call Calendar @16.35 – a bet that SPX will hang around this 50+/- range

BTO Oct-18-21 4200/Nov-05-21 4200 Put Calendar @ 30.5 – there is a large void of OI for puts between Oct/Nov monthlies, below 430 for SPY. A few times to roll, and good RR, for a few weeks of protection.


BTC October 15, 90 put at .05, sold at 1.25
The market seems to fade a lot in the afternoon these days. We seem to be in a corection or the start of a bear market. Time will tell.

SPX trades

#SPX7dteLong Sold to close $SPX Oct 13th 4415/4395 put spreads for 16.75. Still holding call side. Condors bought for 16.85 last Thursday. In the recent volatility I have been letting these expire, but after yesterday’s drubbing I need to return to closing these on swings.