TQQQ PUT Close / TSLA Call

$TQQQ BTC 11/19/80 put at .15. STO at 1.17. Thank you @jsd501

$TSLA STO 10/29 1150 call at 6.70


Quote from ZeroHedge ….
If you, like us, are watching the insane meltup in TSLA which not only topped $1 trillion in market cap today, but has gained more than $140 billion since opening, a value that is almost as big as the market cap of GM and Ford, and is now rising by $1 billion every 5 seconds…


Sold 1 KOLD Nov 19 2021 5.0 Put at $0.60 against my last remaining long May 2023 3.0 Put.

VXX1 Puts

Old pre-split contracts.
Sold my last lot of VXX1 Jan 21 2022 5.0 Puts at $0.67. Bought this lot on 03/16/21 at $0.16 and I wrote against them until September 2021 when the last logical write could be done.

I also have long 6.0, 7.0 and 8.0 VXX1 puts for January 2022 but since they are effectively in the money, I’m more likely to exercise those as a way of dumping a good portion of my long VXX stock before year end.

At least that is the current plan.

COIN Stock

Next lot of stock sold at $320.00
Bought this on 5/04/2021 at $280.00.
Average cost on my remaining shares now down to 246.

SPX trades

#SPX5dte When $SPX was at 4551, sold to close Oct 27th 4530/4510 put spreads for 3.35. Still holding 4540/4560 call side. Condors bought for 14.75 on Thursday.



$SNAP STO 11/19 53 put at 2.57. OMM idea from Fitzpatrick. Hope he is as good as you guys. 😉

QQQ shorts

BTO QQQ 370/360/350 put BFs, 11/5 and 11/12 both for @0.9, small positions. Feel they will either work beautifully or got blown dead by the earnings coming up.

BTO QQQ 11/19 10/29 365 put calendar @3.13. there are a few times to roll, unless QQQ runs up like no tomorrow, it should at least break even.

Closing TQQQ

Bought to close $TQQQ 10/29 90 put @ .03. Sold for 1.57 on 9/28.

SNOW UPST Call / TQQQ Put Close / MTDR Put

$SNOW STO 10/29 350 call at 3.10
$UPST STO 10/29 380 call at 3.90

$TQQQ BTC 10/29 105 put at .05. STO at 2.45. Thank you @fuzzballl
$MTDR STO 10/29 42.5 put at 1.80. Earnings Wednesday. Nice premium. Light volume. If assigned would replace stock that I was stopped out of during the during the dark days of mid September. Oil going up.


#ShortPuts – Went back and reviewed my history on this one and @jsd501 is correct. We were stuck for quite awhile. I’ll bail out here.

Bought to Close ULTA OCT 29 2021 365.0 Put @ 2.40 (sold for 3.30)

Its getting KOLD again

Bought to Open 1 KOLD May 20 2022 4.0 Put / Sold to Open 1 KOLD Nov 19 2021 7.0 Put at $0.30 Credit.
Bought to Open 1 KOLD May 20 2022 3.0 Put / Sold to Open 1 KOLD Nov 19 2021 6.0 Put at $0.25 Credit.

Also sold 1 KOLD Nov 19 2021 6.0 Put at $0.95 against a leftover long from last month’s short diagonal call that expired.

Still have one excess (fully paid for) long May call to write against.


#CoveredCalls – It’s been a great year and looking to start next year without any clunkers so taking the hit here. Luckily took my own advice and stayed small. Can’t win ’em all!

Sold Covered Stock @ 42.20 (basis 59.50)


Sold 1 LABU Oct 29 2021 50.0 Put at $0.87 replacing Puts that expired Friday