Tastytrade just addressed something I’ve been wondering about on this one. Since it’s made up of over 90 percent of bitcoin futures there will be some contango drag on it. They’re estimating a little over 1 percent per month or about 15 percent per year. Hard to tell how bad that’s gonna be over time…


LABU Put Roll

$LABU BTC 10/22 52.50 put and STO 10/29 51.50 put at added credit of .75

HOOD earnings

#ShortPuts – A couple early starters for next week.

Sold HOOD OCT 29 2021 38.0 Put @ .95
Sold HOOD OCT 29 2021 38.5 Put @ 1.12
Sold HOOD OCT 29 2021 39.0 Put @ 1.32

Bought to Close BABA NOV…

Bought to Close BABA NOV 19 2021 155 PUT @1.88 (sold for 6.70 only 9 days ago)

In my opinion, BABA is free money down here. Who knows though! #winniethepooh

SNAP earnings

#JadeLizards – Just a little one for fun.

Sold SNAP OCT 22 2021 70.0/78.0/80.0 Jade Lizards @ 2.03

SPX trades

#SPX5dte Bought to Open $SPX Oct 27th 4510/4530-4540/4560 condors for 14.75, with SPX at 4536.


HOOD pre earnings

#ShortPuts – Just a little quickie prior to earnings next week.

Bought to Close HOOD OCT 22 2021 39.5 Puts @ .05 (sold for .75)


#CoveredCalls – Getting these out of immediate danger of early exercise. Will sit on the sidelines and see what shakes out. If the deal falls through I’ll roll back in and down and resume normal trading on it.

Rolled PINS OCT 22 2021 54.0 Calls to JAN 19 2024 70.0 Calls @ 1.70 credit
Rolled PINS OCT 22 2021 55.0 Calls to JAN 19 2024 70.0 Calls @ 2.70 credit


#ShortPuts – Added.

Sold EWZ NOV 19 2021 30.0 Put @ 1.25

VXX1 Puts

Old pre-split contracts.
Sold VXX1 Jan 21 2022 5.0 Puts at $0.62. Bought this lot on 02/03/21 at $0.08
One last lot to go.



Dumped 1/2 of TSLA and LRCX calendars for 40% and 70% loss.

Shouldn’t have gone that far with directional biases. and got both wrong… won’t be this bloody if I just bought ATM strikes.

Will give the other half a chance, as LRCX is at its recent low, and TSLA 900 may attract sellers. but if a stock breaks the key level, may have to throw in the towel.

Holding onto LUV for now, the stock is at a buyable point.

TTWO stock

Sold my small bit of TTWO at $175.55.
Bought this on 09/17 at $149.45 and I was never able to average down.

MSTR Call Roll / LABU Put Roll

$MSTR BTC 10/22 800 call and STO 10/29 800 call at added credit of 14.10.

$LABU BTC 10/22 53 put and STO 10/29 52 put at added credit of .97


BTC October 29, 140 put at 2.77, sold at 3.90 on Tuesday. The yield on the 10 year not is making me nervous.

PINS any ideas?

#CoveredCalls – Long stock covered this week at 54 and 55 strikes. With the PayPal buyout rumor (possibly as high as 70 per share) I’m wondering…

Can I roll my short calls out to something like Jan 2024 70 strike to take advantage of the buyout?

What happens to out of the money short calls when the buyout happens?

Do I get hit for buying them back for whatever they’re worth on the last day of trading?

Do they just go away and then the stock gets bought?

I’m willing to hold the stock a lot longer if it means another 10-15 points of upside. Any ideas?

SPX trades

Expired yesterday:
#SPX5dte Expired with max credit of 20.00: Oct 20th 4445/4465 call spreads, sold last Thursday for 15.75.

#SPX1dte Expired worthless: Oct 20th 4450/4470-4550/4570 condors , sold Tuesday for 1.00.


#ShortPuts – Adding.

Sold EWZ NOV 19 2021 30.5 Put @ 1.25

VXX Puts

A new #VXXContango spread
Bought to Open VXX Jan 21 2022 15.0 Puts / Sold to open VXX Oct 22 2021 21.5 Puts at $0.03 Credit.
Long DTE = 93
Short DTE = 2