Closed Oct-18-21 4380/4330/4240/4050 put ratio spread for $1 credit.

The position was opened on 9/17 for $36.05 credit. So a total of 37 credit with break even around 4240.

I started trading this strategy for my IRA account in Aug, so far, it has weathered the market reasonably well. I generally wait for a pullback to enter a trade 30 days out, and close around 4 DTE or if can collect another $, not waiting for that seductive perfect pin on expiration day ;-). haven’t had a loser among the dozen trades closed so far, knocking on the wood.

Still like BWB, IC, and Calendar when opps knock. Other than GLD and SLV holdings, I have gradually allocated most of my IRA account to this strategy.

Will post if I have any new observations, but won’t post every trades here to bore you.


$SPX 4280/4300/4435/4415 IC. STO at 3.00. Inspiration by @ramie77

SPX calendar roll

Rolled the short leg of the Oct-18-21 4350/Oct-13-21 4350 Call Calendar to Oct-15(AM), for 12.6 credit,

The remaining calendar’s net cost 3.75.


BTC January 21, 40 put at 3.58, sold at 3.71, all the moving averages are trending down so I decided to raise cash.

Closing BBY

Bought to close $BBY Nov 19 95 puts @ .54. Sold for 1.42 on 9/22.

SPX iron condor for Friday PM expiration

Sold $SPXW Oct 15 4260/4285/4420/4445 iron condor @ 4.15. Short puts 14∆ short calls 13∆.

VZ Stock

Added to my position at another new low of $51.00
#SP500 #FallingKnife

TNA Strangle

Sold TNA Oct 15 2021 82.0 Puts at $0.78
Sold TNA Oct 15 2021 90.5 Calls at $0.39

VXX1 Puts

Liquidating some long, profitable VXX pre-split Puts left over from ancient #VXXContango spreads.
Writing against them at this point makes no sense and they are very illiquid to boot.
Sold to close VXX1 Jan 21 2022 5.0 Puts at $0.41. (equal to strike 20 Puts at $1.64)
Bought these in the summer of 2020 at $0.27 and $0.29.
I have more at lower cost that I will try to sell higher.

AMC Strangle

Sold AMC Oct 15 2021 34.0 Puts at $0.26
Sold 1 AMC Oct 15 2021 37.0 Call at $1.04
Sold 1 AMC Oct 15 2021 38.0 Call at $1.27

SLV Calls

Sold SLV Oct 15 2021 21.5 Calls at $0.07
Sold SLV Oct 22 2021 22.0 Calls at $0.11

TQQQ Put Close

$TQQQ BTC 10/22 100 put at .30. STO at 2.17.

SOXL Put UPST Call Roll / SNAP BUPS Close

$SOXL BTC 10/15 40 put and STO 10/22 39 put at even

$UPST BTC 10/15 320 call and STO 10/22 335 call at debit of 2.65. Stock at 329.40

$SNAP BTC 10/15 60/70 BUPS at .10. STO at 1.25

ALB SNAP Put Close

$ALB BTC 10/15 220 put at 1.90. STO at 7.56 on 9/17
$SNAP BTC 10/15 70 put at .10. STO at 1.67. Thank you @ramie77 for the idea.