VXX1 Puts

I continue to liquidate this old per-split position
Sold to close VXX1 Jan 21 2022 5.0 Puts at $0.57 (equal to strike 20 Puts at $2.28)
Bought these in the winter of 2020.
I have more that I will try to sell even higher.
2 lots to go


BTO TSLA 10/29 10/22 830 put calendar 6.6
BTO LRCX 10/29 10/22 585 call calendar 2.4
BTO LUV 10/29 10/22 50 call cal, 0.33


#ShortPuts – Just a little starter. Hoping to add a lot more.

Sold TQQQ NOV 19 2021 120.0 Put @ 2.10

TSLA earnings

#ShortPuts – Going out a few weeks and selling nearly two times the expected move, below all the major moving averages, and at recent lows. Is it enough? We’re going to find out. LOL

Sold TSLA NOV 19 2021 675.0 Put @ 5.15


STO November 19, 110 put at 1.23


STO November 19, 110 put at 1.21 in my IRA

BITO Time for a test…


Time for a test 🙂
STO BITO Dec17’21 30 PUT @ $1.05
STO BITO Dec31’21 30 PUT @ $1.45


Sold 1 TQQQ Oct 22 2021 143.0 Call at $1.87


#ShortPuts – Back in this one again. Not quite the same premium as last time but close. Starter looking to add on more weakness.

Sold EWZ NOV 19 2021 31.0 Put @ 1.05
Sold EWZ NOV 19 2021 31.5 Put @ 1.23
Sold EWZ NOV 19 2021 32.0 Put @ 1.47



STC partial of NFLX 10/29 / 10/22 640 call calendar @3.1, ~50%

COIN Stock

Sold off my first and highest cost lot of COIN at $313.00.
Bought this on 4/21/2021 at $310.00.
Averaged down over the next few months and my avg cost is about 262.


Following the record volume for an ETF’s opening day yesterday for the first Bitcoin (futures) ETF, today could be even more ‘exciting’ as options on the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO) start trading on the NYSE Arca Options and NYSE American Options exchanges. BITO is trading at yesterday’s highs in the pre-market…

The fund made history, not just for being the first Bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund to trade in the U.S., but also for recording the highest ever “natural” day one trading volume.
A total of 24.313 million shares were traded on Tuesday and the fund ended the day with about $1 billion in trading volume, according to Bloomberg’s ETF Strategist Eric Balchunas.