#JadeLizards – Selling two times the expected move on the downside. No upside risk.

Sold TSLA DEC 17 2021 775/1100/1110 Jade Lizard @ 10.50


BTC December 3, 4430/4440 bull put spread at .20, sold yesterday at 1.25 and that makes up for the Iron Condor I took a loss on.


Rolled Dec-03-21 185//Dec-10-21 185 #shortputs @ 2.78 Limit #cashsecured

BIIB Stock

Bought a tiny bit of BIIB at $225.00 and at today’s new low.
#SP500 #FallingKnife

VTRS Stock

Viatris is the combination of Mylan, maker of generic drugs and EpiPen emergency allergic reaction injection, and Pfizer’s (PFE) older drugs business called Upjohn.

Added to my position a tiny bit more at $12.00.
#SP500 #FallingKnife

TSLA Call Rolled up

Bought to close 1 TSLA Dec 03 2021 845.0 Call / Sold to Open 1 TSLA Dec 10 2021 850.0 Call at Even money but reduced my spread requirement $500.

SPX trades

#SPX5dte Sold to close $SPX Dec 3rd 4665/4645 put spreads for 18.20. Condors bought for 16.80 on Monday. Still holding call spreads.



Krispy Kreme has been a dog since the IPO. But it’s up 6% at the open. Go figure. I’m long (small) via short Jan 12.50 and 20 puts.


STO TNA Jan2022 55 put for 3.98. IV at 99, IVR 86.