Options Expiration and -Lots of rolls-

Rolled LABU Puts, TQQQ Puts, TNA Puts, a TSLA Call, and lots and lots of VXX Calls
I’m fried right now so I’ll post those later

LABU 12/03/2021 75/50 Bear Call Spreads
LABU 12/03/2021 58/47 Bear Call Spreads
SQQQ 12/03/2021 7.0 Covered Call
TLRY 12/03/2021 11.0 Covered Calls
TQQQ 12/03/2021 185.0 Call
TSLA 12/03/2021 750/890 Bull Put Spread
TSLA 12/03/2021 940.0 Diagonal Put

TLRY 12/03/2021 15.0 Puts – cost after put premium will be $10.68
All my VXX Stock was called away
VXX 12/03/2021 22.5 Covered Calls
VXX 12/03/2021 23.0 Covered Calls
VXX 12/03/2021 23.5 Covered Calls

Time for an adult beverage 🙂


STO FAS Dec17’21 90 PUT @1.80


STO SOXL Dec17’21 45 PUT @1.20


STO TQQQ Dec17’21 105 PUT @1.73


STO ARKK Jan21’22 70.96 PUT @1.62

SPX trades

#SPX5dte Sold to close $SPX Dec 6th 4605/4625 call spreads for 2.55. Holding put spreads for Monday for hopeful max credit. A bit risky as we have been getting big bounces on this correction, but even if that happens Monday I still think it will be the put side where I get most profit. Condors bought for 18.05 on Tuesday.



BTC December 3, 105 put at .01, sold at .95

VIX rising

Indices are down, but not as dramatically as the $VIX is up. Probably a deeper market drop into the close.

RIVN Short Put Rolled down

Bought to Close 1 RIVN Dec 03 2021 110.0 Put/ Sold to Open 1 RIVN Dec 10 2021 105.0 Put at $1.23 Credit plus an extra 5 points lower on the short put.
I actually have two long puts to act as a hedge, a Dec 70.0 Put and a Jan 65.0 Put.

DIS long term short puts

An OG @optioniceman #FallingKnife trade. Sold $DIS Mar 18 2022 115 puts @ 2.04, delta 12. Stock trading at 145.50, down around 30% from its 2021 highs. The strike price is at a level not seen since July 2020. If it’s below that price in March I’ll likely take assignment for just under 113.



Assume this will close at .02 by days end.

btc soxl,3 DEC 2021 55 PUT @.02

TQQQ Call Closed

Bought to close 1 TQQQ Dec 03 2021 170.0 Call at $0.01. Sold last Friday on a roll at $4.40

RIVN long Put closed

Sold to close 1 RIVN Jan 21 2022 70.0 Put at $3.20.
Bought as part of a Diagonal Bull Put spread on 11/17 at $2.17.
Wrote against it several times and recovered the cost at least twice, and now out of this long with a point profit.


This is the 1-3 year treasury bond and it is making a new low today.Just another 60 basis points and we will have a flat yield curve out to ten years.


Note from Mark
Friday, Dec 3, 2021, 9:54 AM EST
DOCU highlights the inherent risk in this market and is yet another names that has succumbed to my 50/80 Rule, which states: Once a market leader puts in a secular top, there’s a 50 percent chance that it will decline by 80 percent—and an 80 percent chance it will decline by 50 percent.

Investors could have avoided this carnage if they adhered to my simple rule: avoid all stocks below the 200-day moving average and only buy stocks in a Stage 2 uptrend.


Down 40% after earnings.
Sold to open $DOCU Jan 21 130/120 bull put spread @ 3.21


#CoveredCalls – Still underwater on this one. It’s one of my last couple stocks on individual companies. It could’ve been worse though. Been keeping the covered call 5 to 10 points in the money all the way down accumulating premium. More work to do.

Bought to Close ZM DEC 3 2021 200.0 Call @ .05 (sold for 51.35 accumulated premium)

Sold ZM DEC 17 2021 180.0 Call @ 10.35

VXX Puts

After rolling these down for months I’m finally out of my biggest VXX short put position.
Bought to close VXX Dec 03 2021 22.0 Puts at $0.01.
Sold last week at $1.29, $1.30, $1.33 and $1.40.
Left with 2022, 2023 and even 2024 long puts.

November Jobs Report

#Jobs — Below expectations, but both measures of UE down sharply.

Gain of +210,000 non-farm payroll jobs, vs. expected gain of 573K.
Unemployment at 4.2%, down by 0.4
U6 unemployment at 7.8%, down by 0.5
Labor force participation 61.8%, up by 0.2
Average hourly earnings up 4.8% year over year

October jobs revised up by +15K to +546K
September jobs revised up by +57K to +379K