TNA et all


MKTX Stock

Sold my first and highest cost lot of MKTX at $415.00 for a tiny gain.
The stock was up over 18 points today.
I have 6 lower cost lots (all the way down to $350) to get rid of so this is just a start.

VXX Puts

Selling Calls all week, now pivoting to Puts
Sold VXX Dec 23 2021 18.0 Puts at $0.11.
I’ve got long Jan 2022 18.0 Puts and I don’t intend to sell them in the next week, so zero downside risk.


BTC December 17, 65 puts at .01, sold at 2.48


Daring the market to continue higher but I hedged my bets with long Jan 21st calls to define risk.

Sold TNA Dec 17 2021 77.0 Calls at $2.82. Paired with 1 old TNA short 74 Put and today’s short TNA 73 Put plus another deep ITM put that I’ll need to roll Friday

Sold LABU Dec 17 2021 38.0 Calls at $0.40 Paired with several ITM short Puts that will need to be rolled. It would help if the short 38 calls were tested on Friday.

QQQ Iron Condor

Sold to open Jan 21 350/360/410/420 iron condor @ 2.75. Short strikes at 20 delta. IV rank 48.


STO $AMZN Jan-21-22 3200/3175 Put Vertical @ 6.75 Limit

VXX Calls

Sold VXX Dec 17 2021 28.0 Calls at $0.22.
Then the VIX collapses

I love Fed days

SPX trades

#SPX5dte Sold to close $SPX Dec 15th 4680/4700 call spreads for 1.00. Another one bites the dust. Condors bought for 17.35 last Thursday. Puts sold for 5.80 on Monday, so 6.80 total, loss of 10.55. I certainly have not been reading this market well for my leg outs.



Consumer Staples ETF XLP hits all-time trading high as investors support defensive stocks

and … ROKU down big today @fuzzballl

VXX Call Spread

VXX Keeps topping out at the 23 level so I’ll risk one more bearish diagonal spread
Bought VXX Jan 21 2022 48.0 Call at $1.07
Sold to Open VXX Dec 17 2021 23.0 Call at $1.11 for a $0.04 Credit for the next 2 1/2 days and the chance for multiple re-writes

Closing TSLA Spread

Closed out 1 TSLA Dec 850/Jan 1250 Bear Call Spread at $80.0 Debit.
The time premium is gone on the short call and it’s tough to roll.
Since I rolled my original long side position out and up to January on 11/22 for a $140.0 Credit (see my post from that date) that leaves me with a 60 point winner and a whole lot less risk in the account.


BTO $AMZN Dec 3200/3175/3120 BWB -0.45


#JadeLizards – Turning some short put positions into Jade Lizards or getting the stock covered early. Nice basis lowering with minimal upside risk.

Sold EWZ JAN 21 2022 28.0/33.0 Bear Call Spreads @ 1.10 credit

Sold FXI DEC 31 2021 35.0/47.o Bear Call Spreads @ 1.80

Sold KWEB DEC 31 2021 35.0/50.0 Bear Call Spread @ 5.02

Sold ROKU DEC 23 2021 195.0/210.0 Bear Call Spread @ 7.65

Sold TNA JAN 21 2022 70.0/80.0 Bear Call Spread @ 5.10


#CoveredCalls – My two worst positions of the year are now closed. Taking the losses. Not small but bearable giving back about 8 percent of realized gains for the year. I’ve always said realized gains are the best hedge and that’s paying off here at the end of the year allowing me to close some lousy positions but still have a great year.

Now only in 2 individual stocks so comfortable with that. Everything else is no more single stock risk.

Go JP!!


Sold 1 TNA Dec 17 2021 73.0 Diagonal Put at $2.48.
TNA at a 6-month low of 74.02

CLX LUV MDT PENN Stock trades

Started a tiny new position in LUV at a new low of $40.00.
Added to my tiny position in MDT at a new low of $104.00.
Added to my tiny position in PENN at a new low of $45.00.
Sold half of my CLX stock at $174.46. Bought on 08/03 at $163.00. Got a divvy payment in between.
Still holding stock bought at $160.00 the same day.
#SP500 #FallingKnife