TQQQ Calls

Sold TQQQ Dec 23 2021 162.0 Calls at $0.60.

Edit: a bit too early 😦

TNA Call

Sold 1 TNA Dec 23 2021 81.0 Diagonal Call at $1.75

Snow Increasing

The web page is experiencing an increase in wintry conditions. Is this a fore telling of profits piling up? Or is it just a lot of snow.

@jeffcp66 Thank you for the snow job. 😉


STO January 14, 180 call at 1.18, taking a chance on a bearish trade.

#coveredcalls sto LABU 18 MAR…


sto LABU 18 MAR 2022 50 CALL @4.50
from assignment Friday @ 51put/sold @ 2.20

SPX trades

#SPX5dte Sold to close $SPX Dec 22nd 4695/4715 call spreads for .60. Added to the 19.00 I got from puts, that’s a 2.20 profit.

Bought to Open Dec 27th 4585/4605-4615/4635 condors for 17.60, with SPX at 4603.



My previous spreads worked pretty well. I wrote against May 2022 long puts 3 times (Oct, Nov & Dec).
My long May puts are not worth much except as “lottery tickets” so starting over.
Bought to open KOLD Aug 19 2022 6.0 Put at $0.65.
Sold to open KOLD Jan 21 2022 11.0 Put at $1.10.
If Nat gas spikes I can always roll the short down in January