#SPX5dte Expiring with max credit of 20.00: $SPX Dec 29th 4690/4710 call spreads. Condors bought last Wednesday for 16.85, so 3.15 profit.

#SPX1dte Expiring worthless: 4700/4720-4840/4860 condors, sold yesterday for .95.


BTO BIIB weekly 260 call calendar , trying to fill at 3.0
trade the rumor… and IV skew!


STO XBI Jan 112/110/105 put BWB @ -0.64.

This is an add to the 110/105 BuPS, with a small insurance on top, resulting a 1/4/3 ratio BWB structure

From the free newsletter by…


From the free newsletter by Felix at Optionsgeek.com
” The Megaphone pattern is intact. The next move indicates lower, but these patterns can glide along the top line for a few days. A clear breakout through the upper band could send the SPX toward 5,000 in January. In a perfect world, you shouldn’t short the SPX until it breaks the second (lower) dotted line. “

FXI Put Roll / TQQQ Put Close

$FXI BTC 12/31/38 put and STO 1/7 38 put at added credit of .05
$TQQQ BTC 1/7 115 put at .10. STO at 2.80


BTO $TSLA Jan-07-22 930/900/800 BWB @0.5 credit


Sold to open $LABU Feb 18 24 puts @ 1.05

VXX Strangle

Sold VXX Dec 31 2021 20.0 Call at $0.30
Sold VXX Dec 31 2021 18.5 Put at $0.11 and more at $0.12