#Earnings – They did “pre-announce” a few weeks ago with nice results. Could be a sell on the news…who knows. Might wake up in the morning and be at 40 or 140…LOL I’m still taking a small shot anyway. This might be a good one to always have a position or two going for awhile.

Sold these as a package for 11.90:

Sold AAOI AUG 11 2017 90.0 Put @ 4.34
Sold AAOI AUG 18 2017 85.0 Put @ 4.09
Sold AAOI AUG 25 2017 80.0 Put @ 3.47

Then, sold all the matching calls in the first week of the ladder:

Sold AAOI AUG 11 2017 115.0 Calls @ 2.00

So what do I want? Less movement the better but can easily mange anything from 75 to 125. Anything bigger than that will be a little more of a hassle. Market maker move for today is about 10.40…