$VIX #CNBC – I keep…

$VIX #CNBC – I keep beating this dead horse ….
The S&P 500 is on pace for its 72nd straight trading session without a gain of 1 percent or more — its longest such streak since early 2007.
The implications of this kind of historical market calm that’s been the subject of much debate across Wall Street this year are concerning to some strategists who believe low volatility (while the market grinds to all-time highs) is the so-called calm before the storm.
The last time the S&P posted a gain larger than 1 percent in a single trading session was on April 24, with a gain of 1.08 percent.

edit: SPX hasn’t closed up or down 0.3% for 12 consecutive days. 10 in a row in ’66 and ’61 were the previous records.

Edit2: Looking at SVXY, the range for the last 6 trading days is only 3 points 89.81 – 92.85