Rolled WDC 87.5 call this…

Rolled WDC 87.5 call this week out 1 and 2 weeks to 84 and 85 calls for 0.77-0.90 credits. Cost basis now 87 and change on assignment at 90. I suppose I could short the stock because that will make it go back up. 1 up day in 2 weeks…….

BTC SWKS 9/8 100 put for 2.05. Sold for 3.03 on a roll a few weeks ago. Break even trade. Would have let it sit but need so extra margin to take advantage of the sentiment change.

I may roll a 37 DTE WDC 90 put out to Jan 2018 for 3.45 credit just to bring in some cash for some other trades. Have to figure out where I want to move it first.