Leveraged ETFs with decent option volume and premium.

Rained all day here Sat. so took a few minutes to find more leveraged and contango ETFS. Here are some with decent volume on the options. Would need to work the spreads but if selling adding liquidity so could probably get them filled at decent prices.

Bears: SDS, SQQQ. That’s all I could find with weeklies with decent volume. I know some of you also trade DUST and DRIP

Bulls: SSO, UPRO, TQQQ, UDOW, FAS, ERX and some of you trade the gold leveraged and GUSH.

These are all leveraged so have great premiums and also fast decay rates. The trade off is high volatility but isn’t that the point with how most of us trade?!

Will add these to the watch list and pair with SVXY/UVXY trades.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!