UVXY Call Spreads

Took advantage of some strength today to exit the last of my UVXY call spreads.

BTC Sep 1 $35/$36 Call Spreads for even
BTC Aug 25 $30/$35 Call Spreads for $400 loss, was only short a couple and loss was manageable.

I “hoped” that we’d see a nice rebound this morning and I’d be able to exit these for even better prices. I just don’t trust the market right now, don’t like that it just can’t rally. I put on the spreads as a defined risk way of playing the decay of $UVXY, and it worked just as expected limiting the impact on the account during a spike. What is different this time was the 2nd spike very close to the first one, and now it would appear that everyone is timid and the market is just not able to rally. Volatility is remaining somewhat elevated for a longer period of time causing these positions to be problematic. When these stay in the money and get near expiration, theta is really working against you and to roll as a vertical for a credit you have to make the spread incredibly wide, so I just cleared out of these.