SVXY synthetic week 1 results….

SVXY synthetic week 1 results. I suspect @fuzzballl UVXY trades are a mirror image. Won’t know which one wins until Jan 2019.

Made $323 on 1 contract for return of 20.1%. Forgot to add some zeros on yesterdays comments. Unlikely that would work out as well every week but potential to double money every 4-6 weeks if it can stay in that range. Most it can blow up now is $1000 on the down side or $1475 any other way.

Rolled the SVXY this week 75 call to next week for 1.31 credit.

Cost basis now 14.75 down from initial position of 16.06. Commission makes that officially 14.79 cost basis.

This is what the graph looks like for next week with the roll.

Next week have bunch of options expiring and will scale this up a few contracts but will start synthetic at 75 instead of 70 or wherever ATM is.

If it starts to tank to the downside can always butterfly the puts or if I have a few more puts can back ratio it for a directional kick.

If we stay above 77 will roll next week up 1-2 points but trying to stay close to the money to maximize weekly credit and weekly decay although it does not give much room to run.

SVXY synthetic