lunch trades, only time i…

lunch trades, only time i get to trade most of the week

rolled xbi 9/15 75 put to 10/6 77 put for 0.9 credit. sold for 1.06 off a ladder roll about a month ago. keeping 3-4 weeks of a rolling ladder going.

btc swks this week 101 put for 0.35. sold for 1.06 as part of recovery rolls over a month ago. nice to finally be done with this one. i set up a ladder when it was up around 112. then dropped as low as 94-95 so have been rolling for about 6-8 weeks and finally have the original profit back. this is still a good one for ladders but i am going to leave it alone for a few weeks.

these freed up some cash/margin for the next drop or vol. increase!

svxy synthetic is looking great for this week. will update tomorrow or friday and roll to new positions.