SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX May 20th 2820/2840-2995/3015 condors for 1.00. IV: 22.1%, SPX 2930, deltas -.04, +.06.

#earnings RCL One last trade…

#earnings RCL

One last trade as we cruise into the close of the market

Sold a June 19, 31.50/43/45 #jadelizard for 2.16

SPX 7-dte

#SPX7dteLong About 15 minutes ago, on the way up, Sold to Close $SPX May 22nd 2860/2880 call spreads for 18.00. Then, on the huge spike down, sold 2850/2830 put spread for 1.75. Could have gotten more but how was I to know there’d be a party goin’ on? Condors bought for 18.10 on Friday, sold for 19.75 today.

#earnings LOW Sold June 19…

#earnings LOW #shortputs VFC

VFC sold May 29, 52.50 put for .70

LOW Sold June 19 105/119/121 #jadelizard for 2.59


– new diagonal at the top of the recent range
Bought to open VIAC 07/17/2020 26.0 Calls / Sold VIAC 05/22/2020 20.0 Calls @ 0.27 Credit with the stock at 19.92.

The stock is at it’s highest price since early March.
I’m already long some stock with covered calls for this week, so this is just an added kicker.

#earnings #shortstrangles TGT Sold June…

#earnings #shortstrangles TGT

Sold June 19, 110/140 for 2.16

#earnings #closing WMT KSS WMT…

#earnings #closing WMT KSS

WMT bought #jadelizard for 1.68, sold yesterday for 2.09
KSS bought #shortstraddle for 3.72, sold yesterday for 4.22