BTC May 22, 50 puts at .01

BTC May 22, 55 puts at .01

I have covered about half of the position and will cover the rest probably tomorrow at .01. With no brokerage, I don’t mind taking the risk off for a penny.

EXPE bear call spread

#Earnings #Speculation

Sold to Open $EXPE May 22nd 79/81 call spreads for .90. Risking 1.10.

SPY Diagonal spread rollup

Bought to close 1 SPY 05/20/2020 296.00 Call @ 0.97 to avoid assignment tonight.
Sold this Monday @ 2.09.
Sold 1 SPY 05/22/2020 297.50 Call @ 1.85 to replace it.
The strike is $1.50 higher and I rolled an ITM short to an OTM short.

SPX 7-dte

#SPX7dteLong Bought to Open $SPX May 27th 2950/2970-2980/3000 condors for 17.00, with SPX at 2972.


BTC $TSLA 5-22-2020 720/730 #BuPS @0.09 debit. Was STO 5/8 @1.82.
Trade was earlier today when underlying was at about 812.

Rolling AMZN put spread up

From my iron condor, rolled $AMZN 6/19 2150/2130 bull put spread up to 2300/2280 for 2.10 credit. New short puts at 16 delta. Paired with 6/19 2600/2620 bear call spread. Total premium taken in now 8.10 against 20 point wide wings.

TQQQ Put Rolled

$TQQQ BTC 5/22 50 put and STO 6/19 60 put at 1.77 added credit. The BTC was for.01. Thank you @jsd501 for the original impetus. I enjoy being impetized.