$DDOG STO 6/19 80 put at 1.35


One example of a Short Calendar Iron Condor Spread :
For those wondering why/how I’m managing all the VXX trades here is an example of one:
+1 Aug 21 2020 85.00 C
-1 Jun 19 2020 45.00 C
-1 Jun 19 2020 33.00 P
+1 Jan 15 2021 13.00 P
They are charging the $4000 call spread requirement but $0 on the put spread.
Given the recent (last 4 days) of trading in VXX, both the shorts are likely to expire.
If not, if VXX advances I would roll the 45 out and up, if it declines, I will roll the put out and down. If it stays near the centerline, I would likely roll laterally for additional premium for next week. But no action is likely until after 2pm Friday to allow all the time value to leach away from this week’s short options.

SPX 1 dte

#SPX1dte Sold to open $SPX June 17th 2975/2995-3225/3245 condors for 1.45, IV 32.9%, SPX 3114, deltas -.06, +.05

VXX – Dumping worthless longs

Sold VXX 06/19/2020 70.0 Calls @ 0.13
Sold VXX 06/19/2020 75.0 Call @ 0.11.
I’m surprised that they were worth anything 🙂

I wrote against these 5 times since I bought them on 5/13 , including the first write that totally paid for them.


Just in case anyone else is holding CINF, it went Xdiv 0.60 today and is still up 2.25

VXX Diagonal Call

I missed posting this one after the opening spike in the VIX Monday morning.
Since the VIX went into a major retreat later in the day, this one is not available now.
Bought to open 1 VXX 07/31/2020 70.0 Call / Sold 1 VXX 06/19/2020 45.0 Call @ 0.02 Credit.

Looking to pick up a free long to replace Long 70 calls I hold for this Friday.

XOM short puts

Sold $XOM 7/17 45 puts @ 1.58. IVR rank 49.

SPX 7-dte

#SPX7dteLong Legged out of the $SPX June 17th 3180/3200-3210/3230 condor on the swings this morning.
BTO condors for 17.35 last Wednesday.
STC call spreads at 7:01 PDT for 2.60
STC put spreads at 7:57 PDT for 17.50

SDGR Put / ROKU Calls

$SDGR STO 6/19 65 put at 1.40

$ROKU STO 6/26 116 calls at 3.48


In my IRA, BTC June 19, 35 puts at .01, sold at 2.26

Also BTC the 40 puts at .01, sold at .54 cents