SPY early Rollup

I entered this order about 4:10pm EDT thinking it would be in for the open tomorrow, but it filled right away.
All good I guess.
It would be nice if the market would pull back for a few days,.
Bought to close 1 SPY 06/24/2020 300.0 Call / Sold 1 SPY 06/30/2020 301.0 Call @ 0.38 Credit Plus a point on the strike.
Rolled this to avoid assignment tomorrow night.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX June 24th 3035/3055-3205/3225 condors for 1.40, IV 22.2%, SPX 3139, deltas -.06, +.06.


$TQQQ STO 8/21 55 put at 1.80. Thank you @jsd501 for the idea


#ShortPuts – Still trying to talk this one down to help my DITM covered calls…

Sold ROKU JUL 10 2020 115.0 Put @ 2.20


According to Tasty Trade, 50% of the advance of the nasdaq is due to 5 stocks. That is making me very nervous.


BTC June 26, 45 puts at .01, sold at .85

I just need to buy the 50 puts and I am done for the week.


#ShortPuts – Not really to interested in this one so talking half in just a couple days…

Bought to Close WORK JUL 17 2020 29.0 Puts @ .48 (sold for .95)


#ShortPuts – Cleaning up some scraps during the insanity…

Bought to Close NVDA JUL 02 2020 315.0 Put @ .10 (sold for 5.51)
Bought to Close NVDA JUL 02 2020 325.0 Put @ .20 (sold for 3.06)

Bought to Close TQQQ JUL 02 2020 70.0 Put @ .23 (sold for 2.95)


TQQQ is over 100 but below it’s peak of 120 while QQQ set a new all-time high.
Contango drift is strong with this one


VXX New diagonal Spread

Since my short puts for Friday are under a bit of pressure as the market continues up I added one more call spread.
Bought 1 07/31/2020 65.0 Call / Sold 1 VXX 06/26/2020 36.50 Call @ 0.04 Credit.
If this works out by Friday, I’ll have another free “Black Swan” long call for the next month.